Whimsy Balderdash Drache

Last year I was shopping at a local Costco and as we were strolling down the aisles, a display of plush dragons caught my eye. Yep, me and dragons, it was like a kid at Petsmart when they have the pet adoption day.  (Which, by the way, I think is a wonderful way to find your furry best friend, it is how we found our big boy – but that is another story)

I really wanted a dragon.  Not just any dragon, mind you, but this lovely blue dragon with orange wings.  He was staring at me with those take me home with you eyes.  But being an adult, I resisted.  I snapped a photo and went on my way.

Whimsy blurredI know what you’re thinking, how could you leave him? Right?  Well, I lasted two days and had to go back.  I was afraid someone had taken MY dragon, but alas, it was meant to be.  He was still there, waiting patiently.

So I brought him home and had to think of a name befitting him.  One of my friends suggested Balderdash (thank you Will) and I was thinking Whimsy so…

IMG_2086He became Whimsy Balderdash Drache.  I was a very proud mama.  Yes, my family thought I was nuts – but really,they should have had this figured out by now 😉

IMG_2094Whimsey helps with the gardening,

Fierce Whimsy wordsThis is Whimsy trying to pose like mom in her Gravatar image. He is so fierce.

He wanted to go to GRL with me last year but..

Whimsy B Drache is sadSo I took his photo with me and he had his picture taken with  Rhys Ford:

Rhys and Whimsy

She even gave him his own Sinner’s Gin Backstage Pass, which was very cool!

Whimsy Drache 1(Click on the photo to enlarge)  Then you can see the pass better and the awesome necklace is from Jordan L Hawk.  It has my favorite character from her Spectr series on it – Gray.  The pendant is the book cover of  Reaper of Souls  and the Sunshine button is from the fabulous Thorny Sterling.

I hate to tell him that I can’t fit him in my suitcase again this year but I will promise to bring back more swag.  🙂



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