Coffee Monday – August 13,2018 Cold Brew Coffee

Good morning,

With the triple digit temperatures we have been having, cold coffee has been a favorite.  Cold brewed coffee is our preferred method of brewing. 

In the past, I have put one cup of coarse ground coffee in a 2 quart container filled with cold water, let it set over night in the refrigerator, then strained it through cheese cloth and a coffee filter.  It was messy but worked.

Now you can find cold brew coffee accessories every where.

I found a fun one that uses mason jars. I particularly like this as I have a variety of mason jars around the house from my canning days.

I looked at several styles and this one had many five star reviews.

Cold Brew Coffee Maker – 2 Quart

by County Line Kitchen

They have other accessories that make serving the coffee a snap.  These only fit wide mouth jars.  The lid below seals so it doesn’t leak.  It makes me want to get out all of my old mason jars!  The company also sells the individual parts, filters, replacement seals, and lids.

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