Coffee Monday – Yawn….. Caffeine to the rescue!

Good morning,

I could get through the day without caffeine, I just prefer not to.  😉

My friend Anna sent me this Caffeine molecule mug. (Thank you! ❤ )

It was from Thinkgeek.  It is not available now, but you can show your love for caffeine with one of these mugs from Etsy.

Here is one from a shop called AnomalyGifts



Or this one from FoxyMug

Coffee Monday – Christmas 2017

Good evening.

I am running a bit late today.  If you celebrate Christmas, I hope it was a very merry one.


This awesome cup can be purchased on Etsy at ThePaisleyPressShop

They also have many other mugs, prints and personalized gifts.

I haven’t been able to post as often since starting my new job.   I hope to get back on track in the new year.  🙂

Dragon Thursday – Crochet Dragon by Crafty Intentions

I have grand plans to one day learn to crochet and/or knit.

So far that has not happened, but it doesn’t stop me from looking at patterns.

For you crafty people, here is a link to a wonderful Dragon by Crafty Intentions

You can find this pattern and many more on the Ravelry website.

Click on the images to to the pattern webpage.  If anyone makes one of these Please leave a comment. (These are so awesome!)