Coffee Monday – Hopped up on Coffee

Good morning!

I recently had a blog post about the after five coffee.   It was a coffee infused oatmeal stout.  For todays Coffee Monday post, I found a coffee blended to mimic different beer styles.  How cool is that?

The Etsy store is Old Town Spice Shop located in Fort Collins, Colorado.


From their Etsy store, details about the coffee:

Specialty coffee blended to mimic different styles of beer. This sample pack gives you the ability to try all four flavors!

The Scottish Ale coffee will bring you flavors of fresh roasted coffee, biscuit and honey malts with a hint of Cascade hops. (For a full bag:

The Winter Warmer coffee will bring you flavors of fresh roasted coffee, a hint of hops paired with various varieties of roasted barley to add a little sweetness and body. Then we added a splash of cocoa and orange to bring the flavors of winter to every morning. (For a full bag:

The Chocolate Stout coffee will bring you flavors of fresh roasted coffee, hints of hops paired with various varieties of roasted barley to add a little sweetness and roasted cocoa nibs to bring a wonderful chocolate aroma and flavor! (For a full bag:

The Black IPA coffee will bring you flavors of fresh roasted coffee, floral and citrus hops paired with various varieties of roasted barley to add a little sweetness and body of a black IPA. (For a full bag:

This listing is for 4 – 2.5 oz Kraft Bags of Hopped Up Coffee – 1 Scottish Ale, 1 Winter Warmer, 1 Chocolate Stout, 1 Black IPA

Contains Coffee, Malted Barley, Hops, Cocoa Nibs and Orange Peel

i never imagined a coffee blended to taste like beer.  Sounds good.  It also sounds like a fun gift idea. I will be dropping some hints. 😉

Check out Old Town Spice Shop.  It is a neat shop with spices, sauces, rubs, coffee blends and much more.


Dragon Thursday – Dragon soap from The Charming Frog

Good morning,

In my quest for dragons, I found this unique dragon soap on Etsy,  The shop is called The Charming Frog

This dragon soap comes in several color combinations and you can choose your scent from 39 different fragrances or choose unscented.  Wow!  They have several different dragon soaps to choose from.


These are amazing.

They also carry designs for all occasions and seasons. They make beautiful soaps, lip balms and melts.  Please take a moment and visit their shop.  So many wonderful designs. There is something for everyone.  It’s soap as art.  Enjoy.

Captured Moments- Fall caterpillars

The summer garden is coming to an end.  I have been pulling out dead plants, turning the compost and  taking up the soaker hoses.  There are a few flowers still blooming and the the Gulf Fritillary caterpillars are everywhere.  They are taking care of removing the passion vine that invaded the vegetable garden for me.

Passion fruit

Butterflies enjoying the blue mist flowers.

Fuzzy black caterpillar munching on oregano.


Not sure what this caterpillar will turn into either.  It was on the dead cypress vines.  

Captured Moments – Garden of the Gods – part 3

There are many trails and places to hike in the Garden of the Gods park.  We started at the Perkins Central Garden Trail.  From there we drove to the Siamese Twins trail.  (Click on the park info tab to get a map of the trails and formations, and more great information)

So we begin.

I love the texture of the tree roots.  There were many trees with exposed roots along the rocky trails.

This is a panoramic shot from the trail on our way to the Siamese Twins formation.

Coming up to the  Siamese Twin rock formation.

Window looking towards Pikes Peak.

Gorgeous views from the trails.

Balanced Rock

As you can tell, I loved this day trip to the Garden of the Gods.  There was so much more there to explore and I would love to come back.  I hope you have enjoyed visiting the park with me.  

Dragon Thursday – emilySculpts

Good morning,

I found these wonderful  garden dragons on a website called

She calls these Arbori sculptures, and they are made to hold live plants.

Click the images to go to her website.

There are many styles and colors of planters , but I was drawn to the green ones. These are wonderful.  I grow succulents and these would be perfect for some of the baby plants.

Captured Moments – Garden of the Gods – the white cottony plant edition.

My friend Tim teases me, saying that I have to stop and take photos of all the cottony plants.  I guess he’s right.  When we were at the Garden of the Gods I was definitely stopping to take photos of the fluffy, fuzzy, cottony  plants. 😉

The photo below was edited in Topaz Studio.  The effect is called Degas Dancers 1.




Coffee Monday – the after five coffee.

Good morning!

My friends are always on the lookout for coffee and dragon related items that might be fun for the blog.   My friend Andrea, sent me a link to a seasonal oatmeal stout that is infused with coffee.  It is called Mocha Merlin and is brewed by Firestone Walker Brewing Company in  Paso Robles, California.  You may be wondering about the Mocha part.  Cocoa nibs are also used in the process. 

Here is the description from the website:

With an infusion of local roast coffee, a dash of cocoa nibs and touch of seasonal sorcery, our signature Velvet Merlin oatmeal stout has been transformed into Mocha Merlin for fall and winter enjoyment. This beer is brewed with the Colombia La Granadilla blend from our friends and neighbors at HoneyCo Coffee Roasters. The Colombia La Granadilla coffee meshes perfectly with the chocolaty character from the cocoa nibs, providing an oatmeal stout experience like no other. A touch of lactose “milk sugar” provides suggestion of rounded sweetness on the finish.

This sounds so good!  Unfortunately, I can not get this stout where I live in Texas.  
If any of you have tried it, please let me know what you think.  

There is a seasonal coffee porter that is brewed not too far from where I live.  I will share that next time.  🙂

Captured Moments – Garden of the Gods – part 2

Good morning,

When I think of the Garden of the Gods, I think of the huge beautiful red rocks with names like Cathedral Spires, or Sleeping Giant.  Of course, there is so much more to see there and one of those is another rock formation they simply refer to as White Rock.


See the rock formation on the top to the left?


We decided it looked like a buffalo.  What do you think?

This was a fun day trip and there are more photos to go through and hopefully share.  If you are in Colorado Springs and I would highly recommend visiting Garden of the Gods.

Dragon Thursday – A Rotten Smelly Dragon Jar by Pixie Hill

This week I found a fun Dragon project on Pixie Hill, a blog by Nichola Battilana: Maker of Messes, Believer in Faeries

The  project is called A Rotten Smelly Dragon Jar Tutorial

There are notes in the blog post for making the Rotten Smelly Dragon Jar and a link to Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts where you can purchase the laser cut dragons.

I also enjoyed the Youtube video she has showing how to make the jars. 

Be sure to look around her blog and visit her Etsy store : PixieHillStudio.