Colorado Mountain Brewery

The first day in Colorado we went to Garden of the Gods.  After a morning of hiking and photos, we stopped for lunch at the Colorado Mountain Brewery.

The atmosphere is much like a sports bar with sports playing on the big screens above the bar, tables scatter throughout the pub, some areas with more intimate seating and outdoor seating as well.  They have a nice selection of beer and food.  I chose a stout from their brewery called Monumental Stout.  The description had me at coffee, as one of my favorite seasonal  beers back home is a Coffee Stout.  

From their website:

The Stout begins with a rich, roasted coffee bouquet and progresses through an array of milk and dark chocolate flavors. Beautiful medium body malt finish. ABV ~ 7.9%

Sounds good, right.  It was! At first sip,there was a strong roasted coffee taste (slightly bitter),but had a nice smooth finish. 

I also tried one of their Colorado Mountain Brewery specialties – Bison Poppers. These were jalapeños stuffed with ground buffalo and cream cheese.  Then it is wrapped in a thin pastry dough and dipped in a batter their menu says is their Ole ’59er Amber Ale Batter and fried.   It was so good!  Not too spicy, and had a wonderful crispy texture. The sauce was slightly sweet and complemented the mild spiciness of the jalapeños.

Unfortunately we will not be able to go back and try more from their menu.  If we venture to Colorado Springs again, I would definitely go back.

Dragon Thursday – Dragon roof tile

Good morning,

I have a dear friend that lives just outside of Melbourne, Australia.  She surprised me with a package containing this amazing dragon roof tile.  ( Thank you!)   She found it on Ebay a few years ago.  I do not have the paperwork for the company selling it and have not seen another like it.  I love the colors!

Bottom of tile.

Coffee Monday ~ Review of the My Jo Coffee Maker by Presto

Good morning

I have had several Keurig coffee makers.  I have to say that they have been great about trying to help with any problems I have called them about.  They replaced two of my coffee makers that just would not work correctly.  

While I was waiting on a replacement, I decided to try something different since I had all these coffee pods and no way to use them.  I read through Amazon reviews and watched Youtube videos and decided on the My Jo Coffee Maker by Presto.  It is fairly small, easy to use, easy to clean and needs no electricity, just hot water.  It would be great for traveling or camping too.

The My Jo makes up to a  10 ounce cup of coffee.

The base has a needle in it to puncture the pod like other pod type brewers.  

The bottom of the top piece has a pointed cone that punctures the top of the coffee pod.


The My Jo is made to be able to heat water in the top of the container in the microwave.  It has a small plug in the bottom of the top piece that has a split in it.  The split is tight and holds water until you add pressure from the top piece.  Kind of a plunger action to create pressure to move the water through the coffee pod.

I had to use both hands to get the water through the plug, one to push the plunger and one to hold the bottom of the coffee maker to keep it from slipping off the mug.

 The size of mug makes a difference.  the mug needs a stable base and a size that is a little bit smaller in diameter than the My Jo base.

What I found out accidentally, is that taking out the plug allows the coffee to gravity flow through the pod.  I use pressure if I want to speed it up and at the end to make sure all of the water is pushed through.

This gravity flow allows me to do other things while the coffee is brewing.  It didn’t taste any different from the coffee I had brewed by applying pressure with the plug in place.

This coffee maker also came with a reusable coffee pod.  This works great with my own ground coffee.  No messy grounds leaking through, easy to fill and easy to clean.  It is sized to sit in the pod area of the My Jo base.  It is shorter than a regular coffee pod and the needle doesn’t pierce the bottom (which makes sense – that would be a mess!)  

Even though I had my Keurig replaced, I find that I am using this coffee maker everyday.  It is quick and easy to use and I like using my own coffee in the reusable pod that comes with the My Jo.

I planned on making a video using the My Jo Coffee maker.  I did a test video sitting on my porch using my iPhone.  Not an easy task for a first timer.   My cat tried to help and that was interesting.  I tried to remake the video a couple of times using my camera and a tripod with out much success.  Since I made a cup of coffee each time, my caffeine limit was going to be over the limit before I made an acceptable video review.  (Yes, even I will admit that I can have too much caffeine. 😉  )   My daughter watched the video and patted my shoulder saying, Nice try mom.  Oh well.   I am sharing the first trial run anyway.  





Living Low Carb – One Minute Muffin

In my search for low carb breads to satisfy that need for bready goodness, I came across this One Minute Muffin recipe on  Healthy Living How To.
The author, Vanessa Romero states that this she didn’t invent the recipe and that there are many variations that can be found on message boards in the low carb community.  I have seen several like this, but this one is my favorite.

I also add a teaspoon of nutritional yeast, which basically adds zero carbs to the recipe and I like the flavor and addition of B vitamins.  Using the nutritional ingredients on the products I had at home, I came up with a net carb of 2.4g.  This is excellent for keeping in my carb target.  I used a 4 inch ramekin and it makes a hamburger sized bun like the one pictured above.  It was almost too much bread after not eating any bread for the past month and a half.  It is great toasted to eat with my fried eggs and bacon. Yum!

Click the links or photo to get the recipe and check Vanessa’s site for more healthy living ideas.

Captured Moments – What prowls in the night.

Yesterday I posted an update on the new fall chickens we are raising and that we lost one to a predator.  Hungry wildlife finds all the places we miss when critter proofing a coop. I reinforced the area around the mobile coop with heavy paving blocks and rocks.  The larger coop is more protected and I will be relieved when they are big enough to live with the older hens.  

I set up our game camera last night and checked on them periodically through the night too.  I wasn’t surprised to see a raccoon in the first clip.  I knew from the holes dug to get in the coop from the night before that it was something with small paws and strong., but I really thought it was a opossum.  The second video confirms my suspicions.   You can see the opossum walking on the other side of the coop.


  It appears about 3 seconds into the video below.


It appears that the reinforcing worked.  The young chickens have yet o learn to go into the top area and roost.  I am not sure why.  I see from the videos that I have a couple of areas that I need to work on today, just in case.   

Captured Moments – Fall Chickens – Update

The chicks came home with us on August 25, 2017.  Our first foray into raising chickens in the fall.  It has been nice that keeping them warm has not been an issue.  I had forgotten how fast they grow.    Here they are on September 04, 2017 12 days old.  They are already losing the fluff and feathering out.

It didn’t take them long to decide they wanted to see the great big world outside the brooder tank. I got our old mobile coop ready and took them out there during the day when it was warm while I cleaned their brooder.  This was very different from the spring chickens we have raised.  I would need to place them in a kennel while I cleaned because it was too cold to take them outside.

They loved going into the mobile coop.  As soon as they were a bit bigger, I moved them there with a pet carrier filled with hay, so they could go in at night.  As they get bigger they will be able to climb into the roosting area.

Here they are September 28, 2017 . Thirty-six days old.  They have grown a lot and they are changing color.  The golden sex links are getting more color, kind of a reddish blond and cream.  The red sex links are turning a deeper red with some brown and black on their wings.  

This is the only one with a prominent comb at the moment.

I love the coloring on this one, a lovely golden color.

We can’t put the chicks with the older hens yet, they are too small and I have seen the chickens attack birds at the bird feeder.  We also read that this breed does not mix flocks well.  We will see.

Sad update:

Leave it to hungry predators to show you where the weak spots are in your coop.  The mobile coop doesn’t have much ground protection due to it being mobile.  The large coop has hardware cloth extending past the bottom, out two feet, covered in dirt and then large rocks.  This has kept the digging predators at bay so far.  Our little chicks were not so lucky.  We lost one of the red sex links last night some time.  The digging looked small, possibly a possum.  Our predators are possums, raccoons, and foxes.  I have spent the morning reinforcing the area around the base of the mobile coop.  I will be glad when the girls are big enough to go in with the older chickens.

Dragon Thursday – Dragon Chimney Pots

Good morning

The nights are getting a little cooler for us in the Northern Hemisphere.  We start checking our heating systems and some will be getting their fireplaces ready too.  If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace , you may want to consider adding a guardian dragon chimney pot from Chimney Pot .com


This is one from a special order and Home Renovation contest

For more fun Dragon Chimney pots, visit their website.  

Also , a Google search for Dragon Chimney pots turns up a lot of great ideas.