Dragon Thursday – Crochet Dragon by Crafty Intentions

I have grand plans to one day learn to crochet and/or knit.

So far that has not happened, but it doesn’t stop me from looking at patterns.

For you crafty people, here is a link to a wonderful Dragon by Crafty Intentions

You can find this pattern and many more on the Ravelry website.

Click on the images to to the pattern webpage.  If anyone makes one of these Please leave a comment. (These are so awesome!)

Coffee Monday – Wake The Rooster coffee

Good morning!

I love Etsy.  It is a great place for finding interesting handcrafted items.  This weekend I discovered the shop for Kelsey Family Farm. The farm is located in Southwest Washington.  Their “about” page starts with these three words: organic, permaculture, sustainable.  You have my attention.

Also from their About page:  “We are a small farm in Southwest Washington with a mission to provide great food and goods for our family and our neighbors. We raise sheep, goats, and chickens each of which contribute to income for our farm.”

Most of their Etsy products are yarn or sheep skins.  What does this have to do with Coffee Monday you ask?  They have recently created their own coffee blend.  

From the description:  “We worked with a local roaster to produce our first exclusive coffee! This is a heavenly, medium roast  Costa Rican bean, FAIR TRADE and ORGANIC. Whole beans are packed fresh in 10 ounce compostable bags, just right for holiday giving.”

Sounds like a wonderful gift idea.  They also sell it in one pound bags.


Do you have a friend who loves coffee and knitting or crochet?  They have a wonderful gift box that includes a 10 ounce bag of Wake The Rooster coffee, a logo coffee mug, a bag of toffee from a local toffee maker, a skein of yarn from their Shetland/Icelandic, Gotland sheep, a hat pattern from a local designer and a beaded stitch marker.  (Pssst.  It is on sale now)

You can find out more about their coffee roaster and toffee maker by clicking these links: Raindrop Coffee Roasters and Vancouver Toffee Company

Dragon Thursday – Dragons and Coffee – fantasy art by Amy Brown

Good morning!

Todays Dragon Thursday combines two of my favorite things, dragons and coffee.  The artist is Amy Brown.  She produces beautiful, whimsical fantasy art.  I found her Official Etsy shop, but she also has several other places where you can admire and buy her art.  I found the easiest way is to go to this website and navigate from there.  

Amy Brown Art

Click on the images to go to her Official Etsy Shop. 

Captured Moments – Succulent Treasures

Good morning,

I love gardening.  All types of gardening, whether it’s flowers, vegetables, water gardens or cacti and succulents.    My succulent collection has been steadily growing over the last few years.  I keep telling myself to say no to friends offering starts from their succulents, or those “too cool to leave at the garden center” plants I keep bringing home.  So of course, I found an Etsy shop this week called Succulent Treasures.

They sell succulents and cacti and even have gift boxes.

These are wonderful!  Click on the images above or here: Succulent Treasures

I will definitely be dropping some hints about this shop for the holidays. 🙂


Coffee Monday – Keeping it cozy

Good morning.

You know when you go out to your favorite coffee shop and they add the cardboard sleeve to the cup to keep you from burning your hands as you  carefully wrap them around that precious cup of sanity?

Ever thought about making your morning cup a bit more stylish?  I went to Etsy yesterday looking at ideas for Coffee Monday and one of the first things that popped up were these beautiful knit coffee cozies.

The shop is Knitting Wonders and they have Knit Scarves, Hats, Mittens, Blankets, Patterns & More!

These cozies look soft and come in several colors.  They are having a sale on these now, so get one for yourself and a friend.  These would be fun stocking stuffers or as a gift for the coffee lover in your life.

2 for 8, Coffee Cozy Sale



Captured Moments – Homemade Flock Blocks

I have chickens.  You may have seen post about them before. Here, here, here and here.  😉  The last group of hens we raised are not happy being “cooped” up even with a large run and placement items for them to climb on.  I started looking at flock block recipes after seeing them in the feed store.  I found this one 

DIY Homemade Flock Blocks For Chickens

It is on the blog  Mavis Butterfield’s One hundred Dollars a Month

I had most of the ingredients on hand and it was fairly easy to make.  I added dried meal worms to our recipe, just because.  

I used the small pans as suggested in the article.  I also let them cool overnight.  The author mentioned that she had some crumble apart when taken out of the pans warm.

The hens were wary of this as they are with anything new.  We had one brave hen who decided to go first and was well rewarded for her bravery.

What is this thing?

Let’s take a closer look.

Maybe it will look better from this angle.

Going in for a taste.

Once she tasted it, she went at it with gusto and broke the string that was holding it to the log.  It took the other hens a few moments to catch on that there was a treat. 

It proved to be an easy, inexpensive way to give the hens a treat and distract them for a little while.  Definitely a recipe to keep.  Venture over to Mavis Butterfield’s blog for more chicken, gardening and money saving ideas.


Dragon Thursday – Turkey Dragons

Happy Thanksgiving to those celebrating.  

This weeks Dragon Thursday features creatures that would definitely not show up at our Thanksgiving dinner.  They might see us as dinner. 

The first is by an artist on DeviantArt named JadeRavenwing


Up next is one by an artist called CapnShortstackalso on DeviantArt.

Gooble, gobble. 😉

Captured Moments – Garden harvest – Peppers

I had a bumper crop of hot peppers this year.  I planted several sweet pepper varieties including green, brown and yellow bell peppers and Cubanelles.  The Cubanelles did very well and produced all summer.  The bell pepper not so much.

This photo is from the end of the season.  The dragon cayenne is prolific.  The small orange pepper in the bottom left are the habanero pepper.  

Here is one of the Cubanelle plants early in the season.

The Cubanelles are great for making stuffed peppers.  Large, although thin walled, they have a mild flavor.  This is a chorizo stuffed pepper recipe I got from Chili Pepper Madness website.  They were so tasty.  The Cubanelles change color as they ripen, here I used them at the yellow stage.  They also turn a gorgeous red color.

I only planted one jalapeño plant, one habanero plant, one Tabasco pepper plant, and one chili pequin.  It was more than enough.

I made pepper sauce with some of the peppers and froze some of the sweet peppers.  I also decided to dry some peppers.  This has turned out to be the easiest preservation method so far.

I use a dehydrator that was given to me about 25 years ago.  It is American Harvest Snack Master Pro Dehydrator by Nesco.  They do not make the exact model I have anymore.  Mine works just fine and I have extra trays for it too.

I split some of the peppers – the jalapeños and habaneros, and left the others whole.

It took about twelve hours to dry the peppers.

I then stored them in glass canning jars.

Dried Dragon cayenne peppers

Ground, dried cayenne peppers.

Dried Tabasco peppers


Dried red jalapeños

Dried habanero peppers.

Dried Chili Pequin peppers

I also dried some herbs.  They dry at a lower temperature and took longer.  The oregano dried nicely, the basil did not.  I ended up freezing the rest of my basil in olive oil or making it  into pesto, which I also froze (minus the cheese).

Dried oregano

I am sure there are many variables that determine the success and length of time when drying vegetables and herbs.  It was fun and I am looking forward to discovering uses for all of this dried pepper. 🙂