Dragon Thursday – The alphabet, dragon style

Good morning,

My friend Linda shared a link to this very cool dragon alphabet.
The artist name is Sue Ellen Brown and her website is Zoolnart.com.  In addition to the dragon alphabet, she also does illustrations and makes jewelry.  I will include links below to her shops.

You can also get this cool t-shirt ” Everyone needs their own dragon”

You can find the artist here:





Dragon Thursday

I love finding fun things for Dragon Thursday.  My search this week was for Dragon art – images and it led me to a wonderful Etsy shop called


I love the colors this artist uses. I find this particular combination especially appealing.  The dragon is gorgeous.  It is on my wish list!  Be sure to click on the shop link (above) or the dragon print to go to the Etsy shop.  They have so many beautiful paintings.

Dragon art colorful magical creature in flames AlienKristiShop


You can also find Kristina Alien on Instagram and Facebook



Dragon Thursday

Good morning.

I ran across this unusual dragon pendant on Pinterest.  It is made by Jean Burgers, Owner, Maker, Designer and Curator of Jean Burgers Jewellery.

The back of the pendant.

Description from the website:

This pendant is one my Spirit Animal Series, a collection of unique works I created using a combination of etched Labradorite and metal.

I handcut this sterling silver Dragon silhouette using a tiny sawblade, (no casting or laser cutting!), and set a stunning piece of Labradorite onto it using a claw setting.
The piece of Labradorite was etched with the Flower of Life pattern by Holographik Universe.

The Flower of Life is an ancient geometrical design based around the circle.
It contains ancient, theological value depicting the fundamental forms of space and time. In this sense, it is a visual expression of the connections life weaves through all sentient beings, and it is believed to contain a type of Akashic Record of basic information of all living things
In sacred geometry the circle represents the sphere in 2 dimensions. It is the most universal symbol known to man and the ultimate representation of the unity and inseparability of all things. The Flower of Life pattern uses Pi to create the perfect balancing of spheres with sixfold symmetry. The centre of each circle is on the circumference of the six surrounding circles of the same diameter.

Take some time to visit the Etsy store and browse all of the beautiful jewelry. Each piece is hand made and finely detailed.  You can also find them at the links below.

Jean Burgers Jewellry.com



Leap frogging through cyber space

I signed into my Pinterest account today and found many interesting pins that had been chosen just for me. 😉  Some of the items that pop up I find amusing, and wonder how they were chosen for me, but today one in particular caught my eye.  It is called The Readers Path, a digital art piece by artist Jeremiah Morelli.  I was immediately drawn to it and wanted to find out more.

jeremiah morelli - the readers pathHis website is MorJer’s Art

Per his website, Mr. Morelli started digital painting in November 2007.  His work  is whimsical and transports you into a fantasy world.

Some of his prints are available for purchase on his Deviantart page Jerry8448 

(The Readers Path is available)

Another of my favorites has a dragon (of course)

The Dragon and the Racoon

jeremiah morelli dragonBe sure to check out his gallery here .

He also offer tutorials on how he creates his digital art, and you can follow him on MorJer’s Art facebook page.



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