Captured Moments – Texas Spiny lizard,old bricks and memories

Good morning

We have been working on a house in Austin and one afternoon we arrived to find this lovely Texas spiny lizard sunning on some old bricks in the yard.  The bricks are reclaimed from the chimney of the house.   The house was built in 1925.  When one of the previous owners modernized the house, they took out the heating stove. It did not appear to have had a fireplace, but rather a hole in the bricks for a pipe from a wood burning stove.  The chimney had been walled in and was this small, square, floor to ceiling outjut in the corner of the living room.  The house had not been taken care of  when we purchased it and needed major repairs, this was how we discovered the old chimney.  When we first reclaimed them, a neighbor of ours, Robert Burns, took them to use in front of his house along the street.  After he sold the house and the new owner remodeled, the new owner knowing that they had come from our house, returned them. 

Fun Finds – Bluebonnet Festival – Burnet, Texas 2017


Recently Burnet, Texas held it’s annual Bluebonnet FestivalIt is always a fun event and  brings many wonderful artists to town.

One of my favorites is a booth that sells penny pendants.
The business is Wicked Whatnots of Texas.
I have bought charms from them in the past and I always love exploring their booth.

Wicked Whatnots of Texas

Kat of Wicked Whatnots of Texas and Kat of Wonders

Pendant earrings

Having grown up in Austin, this one made me smile.

This year I met Kat & Austin O’Burke.  They have partnered with Julia, the founder of Wicked Whatnots of Texas.  In addition to the penny art, which includes, charms, pendants, bracelets, earrings, cuff links and wine glass charms, they also carry uniquely decorated flasks.


Kat & Austin also have other creations that were at the booth, but have a separate website from Wicked Whatnots of Texas.  Their site is called Kat of Wonders.    This is where you will find their fun and whimsical creations.  These include potions, wands and props.


I wish I had a video of the potions in action.   They contain  rheoscopic fluid. When you shake them they have a wonderful swirling motion.