Coastal fun. It’s not just about the beach.

We are back from our vacation to the coast.  It was fun but I think we were all ready to  be home.  We enjoyed the beach and sightseeing and had a good time.  One of my favorite things to do on vacation, is finding fun places to eat.
One place was the Desserted Island Ice Cream shop in Port Aransas, TX. (They do not have a website but you can check them out on Tripadvisor and Facebook) The interior is fun and colorful with eclectic furnishings and art.  They have a variety of ice cream flavors, serve coffee shakes, brownie sundaes and have other assorted shakes and pies.  I had coffee ice cream in a waffle cone.  Yummm.

and this… just bizarre.

A favorite place to visit is Winton’s Candy Store.

This is one of those places where “.. like a kid in a candy shop” becomes literal.  There is something for everyone and they carry many of the old style candies not seen any more except in specialty shops like Winton’s.  The fudge and caramel’s are scrumptious.

Just to clarify, we did not just eat candy and ice cream the entire visit.

On the first night we ate at Los Comales Mexican Restaurant in Rockport. (again, no website – such a shame) I would have taken photos but I had an excellent margarita before dinner and did not even think about photos.  The food was wonderful and their green salsa was amazing with the avocado and cilantro flavors blended just right with the other seasonings. Smooth and flavorful with just a hint of heat.   This was our second time to eat at this restaurant and it will definitely be one we go back to.

I have many more photos to go through.  (We really did go to the beach.) After thinking about the excellent margarita from Los Comales, I will leave you with one more photo, which actually, was at the ice cream shop. 😉