Dragon Thursday

My friends know I love dragons and recently they sent me a link to this dragon.(Actually, I have been sent this link several times.  These are amazing)  🙂

ball-joint-dragon1This wonderful little dragon can be found on a website called http://www.cuartosdolls.com

They are called Darkhorn.
These polyurethane dragons are made with ball joints that allow them to be arranged in various positions.  They come with several options including, wings or no wings, head with eyes open or closed and a range of colors in metallic or matt finish.  These are fascinating.  Be sure to take a look .

Below: Blue winged dragon

Ball joint dragon with wings

Click photo to go to the color palette page.

Ball joint dragon collage


Albert Phineas Drache



Dragon’s Lair

While at the farm supply store today, I spied a display of plant kits of various types for children.  All with whimsical themes.  Some for the Princess, some with carnivorous plants (this was a hydroponic kit) Some with easy to grow veggies, herbs and flowers but the one that caught my eye (after the carnivorous one) was the Dragon’s Lair.  It claims that one can “Grow your Own Dragon’s Den”  and “Grow plants named for Black Dragons”. It even has dragons breathing fire on the cover.  I was intrigued.  Being fond of  blue dragons and all I thought hmmm, maybe.  I also read on the box ” Easy and Fun to Grow”  Ages 4+.  Well I qualified for the age part and fun and easy sounded good too, so I nabbed a Dragon’s Lair kit and tried to smooth over my son’s dismay at not buying baby chicks with the offer of candy. (It worked) Whew! Not ready to go there again quite yet.

When I got home and Really looked at the contents, I noticed that it contains a dragon. Woohoo! Bonus for me!  When I saw what color it was, I knew this was meant to be.  Take a look:

Dragon's Lair box side two   Dragon's Lair box side one - 1

Dragon's Lair contents label  Dragon's lair contents

Dragon's lair seed packets and Blue Dragon  Dragon's Lair Blue Dragon 2 small

The seeds need to be soaked over night and there is the prep work of making the dragon trails and cave (it’s in the instructions!)  Over the next few weeks, I will be posting the progress of this little project. We will see how easy this dragon’s den is to grow. 🙂