Captured moments – Cheerful zinnias

Good morning!

I bought a pack of zinnia plants from one of my favorite nurseries, Blanco Gardens in  Blanco, Texas  this summer.  They had yellow, orange, light pink and dark pink flowers in the mix.  These zinnias grow in a mounded form and are excellent bloomers, especially is you deadhead frequently.    The butterflies seem to like the cheerful orange ones the most.  Our fall weather has been mild with temperatures in the 90F during the day dropping into the low 70F at night and these flowers are not showing any signs of slowing down.


Ladybugs, butterflies and beetles

I recently shared a post about the ladybugs that have graced my garden this year.

Ladybug, Lady beetle or ladybird beetles. Whatever the name, they are welcome in my garden.

They have continued to thrive and their larvae are appearing in encouraging numbers.  They are welcome to feast on all the aphids and dill plants they desire.

Ladybug larvae at various stages

Ladybug larvae at various stages

Ladybug larvae and aphids

Ladybug larvae and aphids


The dill has started going to seed and it looks like we will have plenty to re-seed for next spring.

Dill seed

Dill seed

We also have Blue Mist Flower for the butterflies.  This butterfly seems to be enjoying them.

Butterfly on Blue Mist Flowers

Butterfly on Blue Mist Flowers


Plus this beetle with the pretty antennae.

Beetle on blue mist flower. Look at those pretty antennae.

Beetle on blue mist flower. Look at those pretty antennae.


Lazy Saturday Afternoon

This is a little pin cushion cactus that grows wild around our place.

Much more subtle than the larger Prickly pear that we see around the hill country. Love the blooms.  I normally miss seeing them bloom.

Button cactus flowers 4-22-2015

Close up of cactus flowers

 Asclepias asperula, Antelope Horns Milkweed and bee Bee on Milkweed close up

If you enlarge the photo below, it is like one of those seek and find games.
We found seven insects on this milkweed.
Granted it will be a bit grainy when enlarged enough to see the smallest of the insects. This plant supports a lot of life.

Butterfly  bee and other bugs on milkweed

Milkweed bug (Oncopeltus fasciatus) on Antelope Horns Milkweed (of course)

milkweed bug on milkweed 1

On the next three photos with butterflies,
I used the vastness of the internet to try and identify them.
Hopefully correctly. 🙂

Juniper Hairstreak (Callophrys gryneus)

butterfly on milkweed 2 cropped close

Checkered White (Pontia protodice) on Blackfoot daisy (Melampodium leucanthum)

White butterfly on Blackfoot Daisy

I think this is a Southern Dogface -Zerene cesoniahis

Yellow butterfly on yellow wildflower

Unknown tiny insect on wildflower

Small bug on wildflower

China Berry blossoms  – China Berry tree Melia azedarach var. umbraculifera

This is an invasive non-native tree. It’s saving grace for me is the fragrant blooms.
I Love them.

Otherwise, the berries are a mess and the wood is weak.

Chinaberry blooms

wildflowers in vase 2

I hope you have a wonderful weekend,