Dragon Thursday

This week I discovered more beautiful and whimsical dragons on Etsy.  Stained glass dragons.


This majestic dragon is called Sintara, Blue dragon and can be found at Firehorseglass.  (Fire Horse Stained Glass Studio)


This gorgeous dragon can be found at OstisInpirations on Etsy. 

From the description:  Handcrafted using Tiffany stained glass methods. Each piece of stained glass is hand-cut and wrapped in fine copper foil. The Tiffany method involves hand cutting, breaking, grinding, copper foiling & soldering each glass piece.

Measures about 21″ x 28″ .

Maybe you are looking for something smaller and desk sized. 


This piece is called  Horned Dragon on Citron Quartz Base and can be found at

Cindy’s Stained Glass

From the description:  I love this 3 dimensional dragon! The wings are made from 3 types of stained glass, and it sits on a large cluster of golden colored citron quartz crystals. The back side has been decorated with 6 golden streaked clear glass nuggets. I used copper sheeting on the bottom to securely attach all the components . The solder has been patinated with black and I have added decorative soldering to all the solder seams. 

There are pages and pages of stained glass dragons.  Something for everyone.  Have fun.