Captured Moments – Lions and Tigers and Bears…

Oh my!


I couldn’t resist.

More from the Denver Zoo

Photos edited using Topaz Studio

We arrived at the lion area as they were setting out their..dinner.

I liked the black and white effect. 


This effect is called Faded Glory (below)

There were two bears and both were sound asleep.  The rock pillow doesn’t look very comfortable.

Expressionism effect (below)


Captured Moments – Blue bird of happiness?

Good morning!

I saw this beautiful bird at the Denver Zoo.  I forgot to take a photo of the name so, I have no idea what kind of bird this is.  (If anyone knows the name, please share in the comments) These were taken through the glass  of the enclosure. They came out better than I expected.

I am not sure the look on it’s face would qualify as happiness (below).  Maybe it’s doing an angry blue bird impression. 


Captured Moments – Prehistoric Chickens?

Good morning,

I have been posting about predator problems with my chickens.  Recently we lost a young chicken and an adult chicken, most likely to raccoons and a fox or coyote. They are being kept strictly in their coops and enclosed run areas now.  They do not like this and tend to start pecking at one another.  I add different things to the coop hoping to distract them from this behavior.

When I was in Denver, Colorado, I went to the Denver Zoo with some friends.  They had an exhibit called DINOS! Live at Denver Zoo .   They have 21 life-size animatronic dinosaurs.  They were very cool. Two caught my eye due to their bird like qualities.

First was the  Citipati  (pg 5)

It stood about 5-6 feet tall and were very protective of their nests.  If you click the name, it will take you to the pdf with facts about the dinosaurs in the exhibit. I put the page number by the name. The Citipati photo in the pdf even shows a chicken for comparison.  If we had a few of these, I don’t think we would have the predator problems. 😉

The other feathered dinosaur was the Utahraptor (pg 8).  It was huge! It was about 23 feet long and weighed about 500 pounds.  It had feathers, long sickle like claws and hunted in packs.  Scientists think they were warm blooded and protective of its eggs.  I would rather not have one of these around.  We might be dinner, as they were carnivores. Yikes!