Dragon Thursday

I love Pinterest.  You can find some the most delightful things.  This dragon came across my main page and I knew he had to be part of the holiday Dragon Thursdays.  The artist is cosmosue on DeviantArt


The note says:

Dear Santa,

i wuld like:

1. Roller Skates
3. Plushie Fella
2. Red Rider BB Gun
4. World of Warcraft
5. ipod

Love, Frank

P.S. …another Pony

Dragon Thursday

I am always looking for dragon related ideas.  This week I found this beautiful art while researching dragon fruit of all things. Pink dragon fruit.

pink_dragon_bookmark_by_alviaalcedo-d4qlvgrThis beautiful dragon bookmark is by artist Alivia Alcedo on Deviantart

Stop by and check out her amazing art.

She has an Etsy shop, but it is currently sold out.   Take a look anyway.  She had some beautiful jewelry pieces.  I look forward to see what she has in the future.