Dragon Thursday – The alphabet, dragon style

Good morning,

My friend Linda shared a link to this very cool dragon alphabet.
The artist name is Sue Ellen Brown and her website is Zoolnart.com.  In addition to the dragon alphabet, she also does illustrations and makes jewelry.  I will include links below to her shops.

You can also get this cool t-shirt ” Everyone needs their own dragon”

You can find the artist here:





Dragon Thursday

I love finding fun things for Dragon Thursday.  My search this week was for Dragon art – images and it led me to a wonderful Etsy shop called


I love the colors this artist uses. I find this particular combination especially appealing.  The dragon is gorgeous.  It is on my wish list!  Be sure to click on the shop link (above) or the dragon print to go to the Etsy shop.  They have so many beautiful paintings.

Dragon art colorful magical creature in flames AlienKristiShop


You can also find Kristina Alien on Instagram and Facebook



Dragon Thursday

Good morning!

I happened across another wonderful dragon artist on Pinterest this week.  Her name is Heidi Buck and she has a lovely website called. The Dragons of Heidi Buck.

I have been working in the garden and  around the house this week.  We are already seeing wildflowers and butterflies.  This drawing of a Thistle dragon and butterfly  by Heidi Buck are perfect.


When you visit her site, you will find all types of dragons.  They are wonderful.  The artist also has a Zazzle shop  where you can buy her gorgeous dragons:  The Dragons of Heidi Buck

I hope you take a moment to explore her dragons.