Dragon’s Lair Garden Update

A few of months ago I posted a couple of blogs about a plant kit I bought called Dragon’s Lair.  It came with a cute container and seeds to grow Dragon trees and Black Dragon Coleus.  The last post showed the coleus sprouting nicely.

Dragons Lair 3-13-2015 Black Dragon Coleus seedlings

Unfortunately I do not get enough sun in my house and I set them on the porch and forgot to bring them in.  Being summer, they promptly died.  The Dragon tree which is a Dracaena of some sort never sprouted.  The package said it may take up to twenty days.

I replanted the coleus and the Dracaena and the coleus came up quickly.  They were looking good and once again I set them on the porch with good intentions.  The thunder storm that blew through had other ideas and the poor little seedlings were scattered about.  The Dragon tree seeds showed no indication that they were even thinking of sprouting.  I think they may have been bad seeds.

So, I ordered Black Dragon Coleus seeds.  Planted them in seed trays and grew them in the potting shed.  These came up beautifully.  I put the little seedlings in the container and soon realized they would quickly out grow it.

Black Dragon Coleus. Third times a charm.

Black Dragon Coleus. Third times a charm.

Poor little dragon has lost a lot of his cave in the storm.

Poor little dragon has lost a lot of his cave in the storm.

Out growing the container

Out growing the container

Eventually I had to re-pot the plants into a larger container.  The dragon now has his lair, even though it wasn’t exactly the one we were aiming for.

Dragon’s Lair – Part Two

The seeds have been soaked, the germination disk re-hydrated and spread, the lava paths have flowed and the dragons cave has been constructed (more or less) The seeds have been planted.  This was all done on March 6, 2015.

On March 12, I checked the terrarium and there are little Black Dragon Coleus seedlings finding their way to the sun.  The Dragon Tree seeds have yet to sprout.  The soil seems a wee bit wet but I am following the instructions, these may just take longer.

The germination disk before re-hydration.  It is very thin and about 3 inches in diameter.


After adding two cups of water.


Ready for decorating and planting

Behold the Dragon’s lair.  The golden-colored balls you see are dragon eggs, erm, Dragon Tree seeds. 😉

Such a fierce Dragon! The lava flow doesn’t seem to bother him.

Safely tucked away.

TaDa!  We have Black Dragon Coleus seedlings!

Dragons Lair 3-13-2015 Black Dragon Coleus seedlings

Hopefully in another week there will be some dragon tree sprouts.



Dragon’s Lair

While at the farm supply store today, I spied a display of plant kits of various types for children.  All with whimsical themes.  Some for the Princess, some with carnivorous plants (this was a hydroponic kit) Some with easy to grow veggies, herbs and flowers but the one that caught my eye (after the carnivorous one) was the Dragon’s Lair.  It claims that one can “Grow your Own Dragon’s Den”  and “Grow plants named for Black Dragons”. It even has dragons breathing fire on the cover.  I was intrigued.  Being fond of  blue dragons and all I thought hmmm, maybe.  I also read on the box ” Easy and Fun to Grow”  Ages 4+.  Well I qualified for the age part and fun and easy sounded good too, so I nabbed a Dragon’s Lair kit and tried to smooth over my son’s dismay at not buying baby chicks with the offer of candy. (It worked) Whew! Not ready to go there again quite yet.

When I got home and Really looked at the contents, I noticed that it contains a dragon. Woohoo! Bonus for me!  When I saw what color it was, I knew this was meant to be.  Take a look:

Dragon's Lair box side two   Dragon's Lair box side one - 1

Dragon's Lair contents label  Dragon's lair contents

Dragon's lair seed packets and Blue Dragon  Dragon's Lair Blue Dragon 2 small

The seeds need to be soaked over night and there is the prep work of making the dragon trails and cave (it’s in the instructions!)  Over the next few weeks, I will be posting the progress of this little project. We will see how easy this dragon’s den is to grow. 🙂