Dragon Thursday ~ Red Roo Art ~ Fantasy art by Ruth Thompson

Good morning,

Today I am featuring the art of Ruth Thompson of Red Roo Art.  My friends Jordan and David gave me a print last year,  titled Thunderstruck.  They purchased it at the Carolina Renaissance Festival.  Ruth travels all over the country to various Renaissance Festivals, Art Festivals and Conventions.    

It is a gorgeous blue dragon, very majestic, and I love it! (Thank you!  I think of you both every time I look at it)  I have to admit that every time I say the name of the print, I start hearing the AC/DC song in my head.  😉  


Her website is Red Roo Art.  I love the story behind it all on her About section.  She found her joy when she followed her dreams. Inspiring!  I love the story of how she met her husband too.  She has some amazing art – High Fantasy, Dragons, Faeries, Angels and the Fallen, a zodiac series and animals and companions.  She also does commissions.   This is one very busy artist.  When you visit her site, make sure you also check her page of Licensed Works (found under the About tab) It is an amazing list of art she has done for various companies, including art for Wizards of the Coast (Magic the Gathering) and so many more. 

Grab a cup of coffee and browse as while.  



Dragon Thursday


I am excited to share a new to me artist with you today.  Once again Pinterest was the catalyst.  I saw an adorable print on someones board and it led me to Sarah Clemens website,  http://www.clemensart.com

The print I found is titled Uncle Fang.

Uncle Fang by Sarah Clemens

Uncle Fang is under her fantasy art Gallery 1.  You can buy this print (and many others) here: http://www.clemensart.com/prints.htm 

She also has a wonderful art series called Magnus & Loki.  Magnus is a cat and Loki is his dragon friend.

They have their own website. http://www.clemensart.com/mlindex.htm

Their bio from their website:

Magnus the cat and
Loki the Norwegian Speartail Dragon were adopted at the same time from an animal shelter.

They developed an unanticipated mindlink and became inseperable.

Their enlightened owners let
them stay together and the results range from amusing to disastrous!

You can buy prints here: Open Edition Prints.  and also find greeting cards and other fun Magnus and Loki items on their Cafepress site.

I enjoyed several cups of coffee while looking through all of her wonderful art. There is so much to explore.   Grab a cup of your favorite brew and enjoy.  Dragons, Cats and so much more.

About Sarah Clemens (from her website)

Sarah Clemens graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a degree in fine arts and art history, and the conviction that she would always be an artist in one capacity or another. She has freelanced in logo design and bookcover illustration and photography, worked as the curator of exhibits at a science museum and for the last fifteen years been a medical illustrator.
But the need for self-expression is most important, and she began creating her own challenges, in the form of large oil paintings of friends and family members. Her realistic approach was second nature, after so many years of meticulous detailing in medical illustration. She has shown her work at galleries in Palm Beach, Florida and Boca Raton, Florida, Scottsdale Arizona and Beverly Hills, as well as exhibiting at the Society of the Four Arts in Palm Beach and the Armory Art Center in West Palm Beach and the Mesa Art Center in Mesa, Arizona. A recent move to the Southwest has been inspiring, and trips to the Grand Canyon for intensive photographic shoots are sure to show up in her paintings.