Coffee Monday – Wake The Rooster coffee

Good morning!

I love Etsy.  It is a great place for finding interesting handcrafted items.  This weekend I discovered the shop for Kelsey Family Farm. The farm is located in Southwest Washington.  Their “about” page starts with these three words: organic, permaculture, sustainable.  You have my attention.

Also from their About page:  “We are a small farm in Southwest Washington with a mission to provide great food and goods for our family and our neighbors. We raise sheep, goats, and chickens each of which contribute to income for our farm.”

Most of their Etsy products are yarn or sheep skins.  What does this have to do with Coffee Monday you ask?  They have recently created their own coffee blend.  

From the description:  “We worked with a local roaster to produce our first exclusive coffee! This is a heavenly, medium roast  Costa Rican bean, FAIR TRADE and ORGANIC. Whole beans are packed fresh in 10 ounce compostable bags, just right for holiday giving.”

Sounds like a wonderful gift idea.  They also sell it in one pound bags.


Do you have a friend who loves coffee and knitting or crochet?  They have a wonderful gift box that includes a 10 ounce bag of Wake The Rooster coffee, a logo coffee mug, a bag of toffee from a local toffee maker, a skein of yarn from their Shetland/Icelandic, Gotland sheep, a hat pattern from a local designer and a beaded stitch marker.  (Pssst.  It is on sale now)

You can find out more about their coffee roaster and toffee maker by clicking these links: Raindrop Coffee Roasters and Vancouver Toffee Company

Coffee Monday

Good morning!

It is Thanksgiving week here in the US.  Many of us are traveling to be with family and friends or preparing to have them come to us.  It is busy and I will definitely be in need of caffeine.

I also thought about the upcoming holidays and gift giving.  I found this great coffee mug at   A fun gift for your coffee buddy and/or gamer.

Admit it, when it changes to blue, you want to smile. 🙂

8 Bit Rise & Shine Heat Change Mug


Dragon Thursday

The holidays are approaching and thoughts of adding to the hoard,uh, I mean thoughts of finding  gifts for those of us who love dragons, is near.

I came across some lovely, whimsical gift ideas on Etsy from a shop by the name of DesignbyWendyBgd

One item in particular caught my eye.  It is an iridescent, rainbow-colored dragon egg.  It comes in a wooden box with a dragon story and an option to add a personalized certificate for the Dragon Keeper.



This would make a fun gift.

I also enjoyed this comment from the shop owner/designer:

CAUTION: If you put the egg into fire, you do that at your own risk! It will either burn or hatch a dragon.

I don’t think I would risk it. 😉