Dragon Thursday – TurtleRok Pottery

Good morning!

In my search for all things dragon, this mug popped up on my screen and I knew it was going to be my Dragon Thursday pick.

This beautiful dragon mug by TurtleRok  is a hand made pottery mug. I love it!  The colors are beautiful and it comes in three sizes, 12, 16 and 20 ounce.  They get it!  Some days require 20 ounces of coffee. 😀

(click on photos to go to their Etsy page)

It comes in a shiny finish

or a matte finish


Both are gorgeous. Be sure to check out their other items as well.  Beautiful work!

Dragon Thursday

Good morning!

I found this pic on Pinterest and followed the link to the artist Tumbler blog, GDBee Arts.  
I love the colors and of course the dragon.  Plus it also appeals to my love of reading and drinking coffee.  🙂 Visit her blog for more beautiful,colorful art.

The artist caption for this piece is “Nothing like relaxing on a nice day with a good book and a faithful pet :)”

GDBee Arts tumblr_npwnijrzTp1rtxhy1o1_r1_1280