Dragon Thursday – Bendigo Dragons Part 2

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Last weeks Dragon Thursday post about Bendigo’s Dragons was inspired by my friend Sally.  She sent a link to an article about the dragons and the city’s quest for a dragon maker to create their next dragon – Dai Gum Loong.

The articles appear in Zolima City Mag

The Immigrant Dragons – Part I: How Australia is Saving a

Hong Kong Tradition

The article is three parts and follows members Anita Jack, managing director of the Golden Dragon Museum and Daniel Beck, vice president of the museum from  The Golden Dragon Museum , along with and Ben Devanny, from the Bendigo City Council and their translator Heidi Yeung on their search for dragon makers. 

Loong, (pictured below) was the first imperial dragon brought to the museum. It is the oldest imperial dragon in existence.  The climate in Hong Kong is humid and the silk and paper used to make the dragons rot over time.  The article states:

When that happens, these dragons are curled around their heads in preparation for a ceremonial burning, their tattered remains returned to the heavens out of respect.

This photo is of the 126 years old Loong  going to Melbourne in 1901

The abve photo is Sun Loong.  Thought to be the longest imperial dragon.   Golden Dragon Museum

In the following weeks I will share the other two parts of their adventure. 

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