Hardy pink waterlily.

Good morning,

Photo of a waterlily in a small pond in my yard.  No editing. I have had this waterlily for about four years.  It is in a six foot long oval stock tank that is two feet deep.  It is very hardy.  I set the pot on the bottom of the tank to keep it over winter.


The photo below has been edited with Topaz Studio and Topaz Labs plug in, Simplify, using the finger painting effect.

Captured moments – Travel – Blanco Gardens

I love visiting Blanco, Texas.  It started out as being a halfway mark for my best friend and I to meet for lunch and spend the day together.  We have an early lunch, then walk over to one of our favorite places, Blanco Gardens.

Blanco Gardens

It is a short walk from the cafe, and we always end up bringing back trays of plants on the walk back. 

Amelia Lintner, the owner, is wonderful.  Friendly, knowledgeable and fun.  Her gardens are colorful and invite you to explore.  She carries trees, shrubs, herbs, flowers, fruits and vegetables.  She also has a wonderful selection of succulents, which I love!   You will also find a nice assortment of planters, garden soils and amendments too, as well as a lovely gift shop inside.  It is a wonderful place to relax and browse.  The zinnias and succulents I bought from her this year have been outstanding.


Looking at the store from Highway 29

The porch on her shop is a cool, shady place to relax while contemplating your purchases. 😉


Inside the shop

Amelia has a beautiful selection of planters and slag glass in the shop as well as seeds and other gardening supplies.


Amelia trying to escape my camera. ❤


This is an amazing selection of lavender. To the left is a room with some of the succulents.

One of her succulent arrangements. I love this ice plant.


Recycled tires. How cool is that?!

Love this bat!


Slag glass in a fun display.

That’s a big boot!


A fun area with various decorative items.


If you are out and about in the Hill Country of central Texas, stop by and say hello to Amelia, take a stroll through her gardens, relax on the porch and take home a plant or two.  

Blanco Gardens

Address: 500 Main St, Blanco, TX 78606


Saturday 10AM–4PM
Sunday 10AM–4PM
Monday 9AM–5PM
Tuesday 9AM–5PM
Wednesday Closed
Thursday 9AM–5PM
Friday 9AM–5PM
Phone: (830) 833-2433


Dragon’s Lair

While at the farm supply store today, I spied a display of plant kits of various types for children.  All with whimsical themes.  Some for the Princess, some with carnivorous plants (this was a hydroponic kit) Some with easy to grow veggies, herbs and flowers but the one that caught my eye (after the carnivorous one) was the Dragon’s Lair.  It claims that one can “Grow your Own Dragon’s Den”  and “Grow plants named for Black Dragons”. It even has dragons breathing fire on the cover.  I was intrigued.  Being fond of  blue dragons and all I thought hmmm, maybe.  I also read on the box ” Easy and Fun to Grow”  Ages 4+.  Well I qualified for the age part and fun and easy sounded good too, so I nabbed a Dragon’s Lair kit and tried to smooth over my son’s dismay at not buying baby chicks with the offer of candy. (It worked) Whew! Not ready to go there again quite yet.

When I got home and Really looked at the contents, I noticed that it contains a dragon. Woohoo! Bonus for me!  When I saw what color it was, I knew this was meant to be.  Take a look:

Dragon's Lair box side two   Dragon's Lair box side one - 1

Dragon's Lair contents label  Dragon's lair contents

Dragon's lair seed packets and Blue Dragon  Dragon's Lair Blue Dragon 2 small

The seeds need to be soaked over night and there is the prep work of making the dragon trails and cave (it’s in the instructions!)  Over the next few weeks, I will be posting the progress of this little project. We will see how easy this dragon’s den is to grow. 🙂