Dragon Thursday – TurtleRok Pottery

Good morning!

In my search for all things dragon, this mug popped up on my screen and I knew it was going to be my Dragon Thursday pick.

This beautiful dragon mug by TurtleRok  is a hand made pottery mug. I love it!  The colors are beautiful and it comes in three sizes, 12, 16 and 20 ounce.  They get it!  Some days require 20 ounces of coffee. 😀

(click on photos to go to their Etsy page)

It comes in a shiny finish

or a matte finish


Both are gorgeous. Be sure to check out their other items as well.  Beautiful work!

Coffee Monday

Good morning

While searching Pinterest for ideas for Coffee Monday, I found several Etsy shops that sell supplies for pour over coffee.  I did not realize this was popular (again).  There were two shops that caught my eye.  Click the links or photos to go to the individual Etsy shops.  Be sure to take a look around.  They have many wonderful items.

The first is a cool industrial looking model.  Great repurposing idea.


The photo shows one of their single cup stands.
They also make stands that hold two funnels and have other styles.  

This is the description on the shop page:  This single cup pour over set makes an exceptionally fast and fresh brew that accentuates the individual flavors of your coffee. The cone/funnel rests on a heavy duty industrial black pipe stand. The base and stand are made with a combination of black pipe and silver ring cup holder. Crafted with the best combination of design and function in mind, the coffee pour over stand connects coffee lovers to the best-in-class tools that make for memorable coffee experiences and of course a unique conversation piece for your kitchen.

Note from seller: Coffee cup/mug, funnel/cone and filters not included with purchase. The clear glass funnel pictured can be purchased for under $15.00 (Hario # 1) online. The white funnel (pictured) is a Starbucks brand funnel and costs $16.00 at the retail store.

The second one is a handmade pottery pour over cone with handle made by

Fox Rosalita

This one shows it on one of her handmade coffee mugs.

Fun Finds in Blanco, Texas – March 2017

I meet my best friend and sister of the heart for lunch occasionally in Blanco, Texas.  One of our favorite places for lunch is the Redbud Cafe.  After a leisurely meal, we visit  Brieger Pottery which is located next door.  (Click on the links in blue to see a blog post from a couple of years ago about The Redbud Cafe and Brieger Pottery.)

On this trip we, of course, had to see what was new  in the Brieger Pottery store.  They carry  a lovely mix of pottery, handmade creations from local artists and more.  You will find pottery, jewelry, clothing, cards, a great selection of oil cloth patterns, and wind chimes, just to name a few.  Today I am focusing on pottery.

One of my favorite pieces are these pottery balls.  I took a photo of them a couple of years ago and always look for more when I visit the store.  On this trip I found a wonderful selection of pottery by this artist.

Yes, there were my cute pottery balls, but I immediately zeroed in on the faces. They are adorable.

and this one



If you get a chance to travel to the Texas Hill Country , take time to visit Blanco.  It is a lovely town.  Have lunch at The Redbud Cafe and browse through the pottery store next door.  Be sure to walk around the square and visit the other great places to shop and eat too.

Happy traveling,