Coffee Mon…Tuesday… Our trip to Hawaii continues.


One of my friends on Facebook shared another locally owned coffee farm in Hawaii.

She highly recommends them.

Pumehana Farm

From their website:

In 1998, longtime residents of Pahala, the Dacalio-Kekoa Ohana set out on a new adventure in their hometown. The town of Pahala is located in the Ka’u District on the Island of Hawaii, also known as the Big Island. Pahala is located between Hilo and Kona, bordering Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. The closest town is Na’alehu. Pahala was once a thriving sugar plantation town. With the closure of Ka’u Sugar Mill in 1996 and it’s main source of income, the townspeople had to search for other means of surviving. Longtime residents were forced to move away or travel long distance in search for jobs. An opportunity came knocking in 1998 and that is when Verna dacalio and her ohana started their family owned coffee business, Pumehana Farm. With long hours, dedication and lots of patience, the agriculture lands were cleared, prepped and cultivated. The farm is located on the slopes of Mauna Loa, five miles above town and at an elevation of 1,800 feet. The trees are the Guatemala (Typica) variety and belongs to the Arabica species. These specific Typica beans come from Guatemala, located in North Central America. The Arabica species, which comes from the Ethiopian Plateau, grows at a higher altitude and have a more refined flavor. Arabica coffee is a higher quality coffee. Each coffee tree was planted manually. During harvest season, only the red, ripe beans are hand picked. Once the beans are picked they are pulped in the evening, fermented overnight, washed early the next morning and then sun-dried. After the drying process, the best of the best beans are selected and roasted. Pumehana Family’s specialty is Medium Roast.

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