Happy October

October is one of my favorite months.  We don’t get cool weather and beautiful fall color here in central Texas (Not usually).  Just saying the word October conjures thoughts of hot chocolate and spiced cider, hay rides and pumpkins.  Ghost and goblins and trick or treaters.  It doesn’t matter if it’s 90 degrees outside, knowing it’s October makes it fall.  We are already decorating the house for Halloween and putting up the fall wreath.  I hope you are have a beautiful, magical first day of October.


Follow up on the mighty mystery vine.

The mighty mystery vine that came up in the compost pile earlier this spring has turned out to be a pumpkin.  It is growing over, under, around and through the fences and there are fruits of various shapes and sizes scattered over the vines.  It is in a bit of a decline now, but I still hope to have the most sincere pumpkin patch come Halloween.  🙂

Here is the vine in its prime.

The leaves are huge.  (I do not have small hands.)

The leaves are huge.  I do not have small hands.

One of many small pumpkins on the vines.

One of many small pumpkins on the vines.

This pumpkin was hidden amongst the leaves until recently.
It is about 9 inches long and the largest so far.

Some of the pumpkins are starting to change color.

Once the fruit started appearing, the vines began dying back. I think the squash bugs invaded when it started blooming. I have seen a few and have been picking them off and killing them. I am trying to garden without pesticides.

I will post again once the pumpkins are ready for harvest.  I also have pumpkin vines on the other side of the garden that I planted.  I will add these to the next update.