Dragon Thursday

I woke up the other morning feeling particularly grumpy.  A Grumpy Dragon.  So of course I did a Google search for grumpy dragon and found this adorable grumpy dragon by




He has a complete story (from the Safari Ltd. website):


Grumpy Dragons were not always a separate species—they were once kin to Forest Dragons. But time, luck, and fate drew them apart, leaving Grumpy Dragons rather upset. No doubt the small dragons still range in deep forests, but without the ability to fly, they don’t travel far from their homes.


The thick forests of northern Gaul always felt dismal, but this day, the mood felt even more dreary as a tired knight picked his way among the trees. There had been a great battle, and every battle has a losing side. The knight had been unhorsed, his armor dented, and he’d lost his helmet. His sword hung lazily in its scabbard as he stumbled along kicking rocks in disgust. Suddenly, he looked up and saw a dragon blocking his path. But this wasn’t one of the flying fire-breathers he’d heard tales of. This dragon was small, wingless, and appeared frustrated. It was, of course, a Grumpy Dragon. With nothing left to lose, the knight invited the dragon to spend the evening around his campfire sharing stories. The grumpy dragon agreed, and it told story after story of sadness and woe. The next morning, the clearing was empty and the fire gone, but the knight felt much happier, and there was a spring in his step as he continued his journey home.

and this adorable video on the website.  Although this (Melyna) Grumpy Dragon needs coffee, not breakfast 😉

The company has an entire series of dragons. To find your dragon click HERE