Dragon Thursday

Good morning!

I had a pin pop up on Pinterest showing a man sitting on a carved dragon sculpture.  It was amazing but I could not find who the artist was.  After searching the internet for a while, I finally hit the right search words and found myself at     

Matthew Crabb – Chainsaw Artist Facebook page.

This is the photo that led to the search.


This piece was for the English Open Championship 2015.  It took 2nd place.

The following pieces are from his website  Matthew Crabb Chainsaw Artist

This is from the Sandringham Cup 2012
Crystal Guardian – First Place

The next one is from his portfolio section.  It is a Viking Longboat sculpture made from English oak.

Autumn Dragons – Sculptures

Tiny_autumn_dragon_by_earfox http://earfox.deviantart.com/art/Tiny-autumn-dragon-123025981 (above)


Now we go from tiny and small Dragon sculptures to the larger than life Sand Dragon by Ricardo Breceda

Sand Dragonbreceda-dragon


This is pushing my definition of a dragon- more of a serpent – but there is no doubt this is an amazing sculpture.  Look at that head. Gorgeous!