Captured moments – Rescuing a Dog-Day Cicada

I was working outside this week and heard a buzzing sound fly past my ear and the sound of something small hitting concrete.  I looked over at the drive way ramp and saw a cicada on it’s back, not moving.  I found a small stick and offered it to the cicada.  It grabbed it with its feet and I carried it to the porch, hoping to give it some shade and a safe place to recover from whatever had caused it to crash to the ground.

It was not the usual green cicada I am used to seeing.   I googled central Texas cicada to see what I could learn.   It turns out this is a Dog-Day Cicada.    They are an annual cicada with a 2-5 year life cycle.  I have heard of longer life cycles and those apparently are periodical cicadas, and complete their life cycle in 17 years. (The article in the blue link above, from the Texas A&M Agricultural Extension states the Texas periodical cicada can complete its life cycle in 13 years)  The Dog-Day Cicada’s coloring varies widely from green, brown and dark brown/black to green with black. This one appeared to be mostly brown and black, but the green showed up more depending on the lighting and background.

Once I had taken a few photos and noticed that the cicada was starting to move around a bit, I moved it to a larger potted plant where it could continue its recovery in relative quiet and safety.  When I checked on it later, it had gone.

Saying goodbye to summer.

Although many students in band and sports have already returned to school for daily practice, school officially starts on Monday August 21 for us.  Summer seems to have slipped past us without much fanfare and no vacations, but some years are like that.  

I am still having fun exploring the new photo editing software Topaz and took one of my photos of a wind surfer in Rockport, Texas from a vacation in 2014.  The photo was kind of dull.  It was a gray windy day.  This effect, titled Bluebell Impression, gave this photo new life.  I love the colors and feeling of movement, the wind in the trees, the waves and the taut sail in the sky.

Who knows, maybe we will take a quick trip to the beach on a weekend.   🙂