Sunflowers of a different color

I bought a packet of sunflower seeds this year that showed a mix of red, yellow and brown flowers.  I thought they would look nice against the  trellis that was supposed to be covered in passion vines with purple flowers.  The sunflowers thrived, the passion vine, not so much.  The contrary passion vines did send runners into other parts of the garden where they were NOT supposed to grow. 😉

Autumn colors sunflower

close up

Photo-bombing bee

Bee close up

I also have a dark red one.  The insects got to it before it opened which gave it the raggedy edge.

Dark red sunflower.


Last year we had a volunteer Sunflower come up in the yard under a stand of Oak trees.  It was about six feet tall, slender stalk and had a beautiful bloom that you can see if you click on the link above.  This year we had one come up near the house. It is about three and a half feet tall with a thick stalk.   The blooms are similar.  It has been fun watching it grow and the bees are enjoying this early bloom very much.  

Bee on sunflower showing size comparison


Bee on sunflower cropped


Young sunflower closeup


Earlier this summer I posted a photo of a sunflower.  It sprouted from the bird seed we use in the feeders.  A lovely surprise.  Once it went to seed, I thought it was just as beautiful.


Sunflower gone to seed.

Sunflower gone to seed.

Someone discovered the Sunflower and took a few nibbles.

When I went back to see how it had changed after a few days, it was gone.  I am suspecting it was the same culprit that took my small suet block holder.  (Yes, I am looking at you little squirrel)  🙂