Captured Moments – Texas Thistle

We have several varieties of thistle growing in our area.  The main one is Texas Thistle Cirsium texanum  (of course 😉 )

The Texas thistle grows 2-5 feet tall, without branches, or sparingly branched near the top. The numerous leaves are alternate, 4-9 inches long, smaller on the upper third of the stem. Leaves are green above and white below, with a woolly texture on the underside. The irregular lobes have spines at the tip but few elsewhere on the leaf. There is 1 flower head to a stem, with no ray flowers but numerous disk flowers, which are deep rose-lavendert.

Bumblebees work the flowers when they mature.

Thistle seed

The rain continues and the flowers are loving it. (so am I)

I am almost afraid to say anything to jinx the unusually pleasant weather we have had (so far).  It has given us a bumper crop of dewberries.  These grow wild near our house. We picked two quarts today.

Dewberry bloomsThese beautiful flowers have now become this:

Below:  These Gaillardia pulchella have just started blooming on our land.

They are beautiful along the roadsides in the Hill Country right now.

This thistle was a bit weather beaten but I loved the way it looked.

This little Syrphis Hoverfly did too.

Sensitive Briar (Mimosa quadrivalvus) grows wild along the railroad tracks.  I remember it being more fragrant than the ones I found today. Oh well, it is still beautiful.