The coffee quest continues…

I was leapfrogging around the internet, looking for recipes with coffee as an ingredient and instead ended up looking at recipes for coffee.

I found a blog called “A Night Owl“.  She has a collection of twenty-five coffee recipes she has put together.  Now, I am one of those odd folks that does not like chocolate mixed with my coffee or sweet coffee all that much either.  I love a flavorful cup of hot coffee with just the right amount of half & half.  I also like it iced, especially when the weather is already hovering in the eighties on a summer morning.

One recipe that caught my eye was her link to the  Dukes and Duchesses blog with the recipe for Vietnamese iced coffee.  It is a sweet coffee but sounds Very tempting and one I will definitely try.

I may end up adjusting it, as  my preference is for unsweetened coffee, but I will try it as written first.  Let me know what you think if you try it.





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