Equus africanus asinus. The day the donkeys came to visit.

We live just outside the city limits of a small community.  Since we have yet to fence in our property all the way around, we often are graced with visitors. No, the neighbors do not just drop in, but their live stock does.  I wish I would have had a camera when the neighbors billy-goat dropped by.  He was huge and apparently did not like our dog.  When our not so small dog, think tall enough to put his head on a dining table and weighs about 115 pounds, ran to meet him, the billy-goat reared up then came down for a head butt that sent our poor old dog tumbling.  Needless to say we did not go out to greet that particular neighbor and our dog has since kept his distance.

This week we had much friendlier visitors.  Two donkeys came to pay their respects and explore a while.  They appeared hungry as they tried to get in the chicken feed.  They did do a nice job of trimming the grass around the house and took a couple of carrots we offered.  After about three hours they decided it was time to go home and made their way back the way they came, not before leaving us with several piles of fertilizer. They were thoughtful like that.

They were pleasant guests and I would gladly have them back anytime. 🙂


They decided the can containing chicken feed was really a hidden treat for them, even the bird feeder wasn’t safe.  The light gray one eventually had it swinging pretty high.  I had to run rescue it.

When they could not get the lid off, they went back to see if they could find anything else (notice the feeder is gone)

This one decided to try and make friends with one of our kitties.  She put on a brave front until the donkey left.

She went in to stealth mode after this photo and stalked the donkeys.  It was all good fun until one of them turned around and started walking towards her.  She is a fast runner. 😉

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