Colors of Spring

The rain this winter has made everything happy this spring.  All around us the trees are green, the flowers are bright and colorful and we are seeing more birds visiting the feeders than last year.


Bluebonnets along driveway

Dark Blue Bluebonnet

Lithospermum incisum, known as Fringed Puccoon.

Yellow flowers 1

Wild Onion

wild onion bloom

 Erodium texanum, also known as Texas Filaree, Texas Stork’s Bill, or Heronbill (Front)

purple prairie verbena (Glandularia bipinnatifida) (back left)

Purple flowers 1 edit


Dewberry blooms

Wild Honeysuckle (Growing high up in an Oak tree)

Wild Honeysuckle in tree top 2

Wild Honeysuckle in tree top

Prunus serotina (Black Cherry)

Flowering tree 1

Flowering tree close up of flowers

Flowering tree Closeup of bark

I had not noticed this tree until we did some clearing this past summer.  After reading about it, I am glad we left it.


Back of cardinal on kitty feeder

cardinal with mouth open on feeder

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