Time for autumn flowers

I have a favorite planter for flowers.  It is a strawberry pot.  I, for some reason, cannot grow strawberries, so I use it for flowers.  In the spring I plant it with moss rose.

Strawberry planter filled with moss rose

Strawberry planter filled with moss rose

Cream and pink moss rose

Dark golden peach moss rose

Now that autumn is approaching central Texas (it is still in the low 90’s everyday. :-/ )  I decided it was time to change the flowers.  The moss rose was looking a bit tired, so I transplanted it to the larger garden and replanted the strawberry pot with fall flowers.  I decided to go with pansies and asters.  The aster will be a pink color because I picked up the wrong container at the store but I think it will be pretty and be a nice pop of color.

Strawberry planter with winter flowers.

Dark golden-yellow pansy

One thing that I realized about the flowers that I choose is that I pick containers that have golden-yellow flowers in the mix.

When I was a little girl we were traveling from Texas to Oregon to visit relatives and passed through Santa Fe, New Mexico.  They had a market with people selling all kinds of things and I saw a handmade doll in a dress the color of golden maize.  I remember thinking that was the prettiest color.  I guess I still do.



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