Living low carb – Guilt free low carb chips.

Since adopting a low carb lifestyle, I have missed having chips and salsa and chips and guacamole. I made some from baking low carb tortillas but they were not really satisfying and I got very few chips for the carbs.    Pork rinds do not fill this gap, so I went looking for an alternative.

I found a recipe for Paleo Dipping Chips on Pinterest from a site called

The article states that the chips are more like crackers.  These are not the thin, light restaurant tortilla chips I used to eat but they are very tasty.   I have made them twice.  The first time I rolled them out to the thickness of a thin cracker.  The second time I rolled them out even thinner and they baked fine and were not overly delicate.  To achieve a hardy chip for dipping, I would leave them a little bit thicker.  That said, they  satisfied my craving for chips, salsa and guacamole.  The nutrition information states that the recipe makes four serving with a net 2.5 carbs per serving.  I split the entire batch with my husband and felt pretty good at having only 5.0 net carbs for the chips.  It makes a lot of chips.

I gathered my ingredients and got busy! (forgot the olive oil in the pic)

Chip ingredients

Everything is mixed in one bowl (which is nice)  It doesn’t look like it makes much, but remember it is rolled out pretty thin.


Place the dough on a sheet of parchment the size you will be baking it on.  Place another sheet on top and roll out to desired thickness.


Carefully remove top sheet of parchment from the dough.  Mine stuck in some places.  I found that if I lightly wet my fingers with water, I could ease the dough off the parchment and put it back in place.


Next, score the dough into the shapes your want with a pizza cutter or knife.


Place on baking sheet and either spritz with an olive oil mister or use a pastry brush and lightly oil the top of the dough (this is what I used).  The recipe states to make a mix of the spices and salt again then sprinkle on top before baking.  Bake in a preheated oven (350 F) for 10 minutes.  Check to see if it is browning.  If not continue to bake and check frequently until it is a golden brown.  (Some of the thinner edges were a little crispier but tasted fine)


Let them cool for a few minutes and break apart.  Eat with your favorite dip. Yummm!

First batch of chips that I left a little thicker than the second batch.

First batch of chips that I left a little thicker.

Close up of first batch of chips

Close up of first batch of chips


Second batch of chips with Guacamole.

Second batch with guacamole

closeup of chips.


Please let me know if you try this recipe and your thoughts on it. 🙂


Albert Phineas Drache


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