It seems that Spring is already here.  The weather has been unusually warm and everything is turning green.  Bright, beautiful, vibrant shades of green.  The plants that I have wintered over in the potting shed were in dire need of re-potting or at least needed some soil amendments.

I call this my green corner.  The large plant in the corner is a citronella scented geranium.  The tall thin plant in front of it is a lemon scented geranium and the two pots on either side contain gerbera daisies from last season that I re-potted this year.  They are usually pretty reliable bloomers.  One is red and one is pink.

My green corner

My green corner

I also bought Portulaca and purslane plants for my strawberry pot.  It has become a tradition to have these bright and cheerful flowers in this particular planter, close to the entrance of our house.   I also have some of the purslane in a cat planter kept on the landing of the stairs.

Portulaca in strawberry pot.

Portulaca and purslane in a  strawberry pot.

This is a nice video that I found on Youtube explaining the difference between Portulaca and purslane:

One problem I had in the potting shed was mice.  Apparently they enjoyed eating some of my plants.  This poor succulent  was a winter snack until I moved it to another location.  (still trying to get rid of the mice)

Anyway, it had started blooming for the first time and I guess the blooms were tasty because they would disappear just before the buds opened.  You can see in this photo where some of the buds have been bitten off and bites from the leaves.

Succulent (mouse dinner)

Succulent (mouse dinner)

Once I moved the plant, it kept blooming and they are beautiful.

Succulent bloom

Succulent bloom

Succulent bloom

Succulent bloom

I have also started my vegetable and herb gardens, but that is for another post.


Albert Phineas Drache

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