Dragon Thursday

Good morning,

Once again Pinterest led me to a most interesting web store  I found a link to this dragon scarf.   Beautiful.  The artist /designer has a collection of scarves depicting dragons drawn in several styles.  They are all gorgeous. The store can be found on Etsy and it is called My Dragon Spirit.  The artist calls the dragon on the scarf below a phoenix dragon.  I did not see this particular scarf available on her store but there are many other phoenix dragon scarves as well as several other designs that are equally as beautiful. 

Dragon Scarf

My dragon spirit iusa_400x400.40762585_db79Here is more about the owner/designer from her About section on her store:

 A touch of magic in your everyday life.

I have always been fascinated with the worlds of fantasy and fairy-tales. With places where imagination can run free and nothing is impossible.

With My Dragon Spirit I wanted to creature something special and unique. To awaken your child’s dreams of being that special little princess who is protected by her dragon or to be a little warrior who fights side by side with a dragon friend. Don’t forget that you are never to old to have fun and to run into your fantasy world.

All designs you see in my shop are my original artworks and each one of them tells its own visual story. They are delicately hand drawn with an ink and after perfecting each detail the image is carefully scanned and prepared for digital printing on fabric. It is not just a fashion. They are little guardians who will help you see the world through the eyes of mystery and wonder. So put the scarf over your shoulder and fly to your next fairy-tale adventure.

These are a must see. Click over to My Dragon Spirit and find your favorite dragon

My Dragon Spirit blue dragon il_570xN.1039648289_thm2





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