Dragon Thursday

I decided to search for dragons on Etsy this week.  I saw several fun stores with interesting and unique dragon products.   With summer ending and the baking season approaching, this one caught my eye.
I always loved the rolling pins that my grandmother used.  They were utilitarian and well worn from many years of baking.   I now have her rolling pins as well as my great grandmothers and my moms.  When I found these whimsical rolling pins on Etsy, I was delighted.  I could just imagine all of the fun cookies and pastries that could be created with these.

The store is called Dough Roller.  It is a small family owned business near Vilnius, Lithuania.   Dough Roller logoThis wonderful dragon design is just one of many they have in their store.  I also love the Coffee Style themed roller.  Plus there are some Folk and Flower themes, Holidays, Movies, Cats,  Dog themes… Okay.  I found many that I would love to have.  Be sure to click on the logo above and find your favorite rolling pin. 






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