Coffee Monday

Good morning,

Last week Coffee Monday had a little something sweet to go with your coffee.  Today I found a neat idea for making the house smell divine.  The idea came from a link on Pinterest.    This was under a blog post on a site called Chasing Foxes titled 7 Brilliant DIY Scents That Will Make Your Home Smell Amazing. 

A Coffee Vanilla Scent hack.


I wonder what other fragrances could be used?  This makes a nice center piece too.  The other ideas in the article are geared towards the holidays and sound like wonderful ways to naturally add fragrant scents to your home.

Another one I found was a tutorial for Homemade coffee candles on Art Ideas


The instruction seems easy and the result is definitely coffee themed.

I am torn about using coffee beans for something other than my morning cup of coffee. I can definitely say that a fresh brewed pot of coffee makes the house smell wonderful and evokes pleasant memories.  These ideas would be nice way to recreate that lovely feeling.

coffee and books 1 smaller



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