Dragon Thursday

Ideas come from unexpected places.

Yesterday on Facebook, a friend shared a photo of a woman made of twigs.  She was fantastic.  All I could manage to find out was that it was from a Dutch art fair.


This led me to look for twig dragons which led me to Wicker Dragons  I found this one on Pinterest but the link led me to a dead end.  I found a similar dragon at a site called Bere Island.net and their basketry section.



I also found this fabulous willow dragon at http://www.plas-helyg.co.uk


It is under their Willow and Wool tab.

And this one, Birth of a Dragon by Caroline Gregson


If you want to explore more gorgeous willow creations (Not necessarily dragons) check out this site:  Nifty Homestead and their Willow Tree Sculpture post (Click the blue.  You Really want to see these sculptures. Wow).  This is an amazing collection of willow sculptures.

And here http://trevorleatlatest.blogspot.com

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