Dragon Thursday

I have been listening to a book titled Scrap Metal by Harper Fox.  One of the characters is a sculptor that creates using scrap metal.  When I went searching for ideas for this Dragon Thursday post and came upon these dragons, it felt like fate. 😉

I found this dragon sculpture on Pinterest which led me to this website  Recycle Art.

From their website:

We don’t throw anything away.

Car and motorcycle parts, screws and gears welded together to most original and unique sculptures. These expressive figures are produced according to hand made plans, polished and painted. Our strength lies in the detail. Up to 8 meter high sculptures are dismantled in up to 10 parts. Each object is unique.

We have a large selection of sculptures in our gallery which you can order directly.

With sketches, pictures or small models, you can customize your own Recycle Art Sculpture. Whether animals or vehicles, fantasy figures, furniture, or a company logo, Recycle Art is for you.

Imagine the effect in your front entrance, showroom or at your home. We guarantee the highest attention and enthusiasm of your clients, friends and acquaintances.

Get inspired in our gallery and visit Recycle Art Shop. You can also order by mail or telephone.

They have amazing sculptures. Check out their website for all of their Scrap Metal art.







Now wouldn’t this be a fun coffee shop to go to?






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