Dragon Thursday


This week my search for dragons led me to Etsy.   I love finding fun and unique items and the Etsy site hosts shops for many clever and creative artists.  At one such shop, I found an unusual dragon bracelet.

The shop is VaniLlamaArt

There were two dragon bracelets that caught my eye.  The first was this fantasy dragon bracelet.


The other was the bracelet done in a cool galaxy finish, titled Nebula Dragon bracelet

These are custom-made.  Not a mold.  Each bracelet is  made to order.  

From the store:

Dragon’s head and each body segment (beads) are made from polymer clay, carefully hand sculpted, touched with metallic pigments and sealed with varnis; they are strung on a black cotton cord.
The bracelet length: can be customised
Metal fastening: in antique brass or silver colour.

Each dragon is fully hand sculpted and decorated (not casted in molds) so it takes some time to make it. Also sizes, shapes and colors can vary a bit but style will stay – I prefer it to look a bit different every time – so each one is unique 🙂

The artist also has a link to a video on how they makes this beautiful jewelry.  Amazing.

The artist’s name is Dorota and you can find out more about them and their art here:  About

You may also find VanillamaArt  by clicking the links below:






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