Dragon Thursday


This week I visited the Etsy site again and found another shop with amazing dragon creations.  The shop is 

The artist and shop owner is Astrid Ayora Carvajal .  Here is more about her and her creations from the About section of her Etsy shop.

I’m currently a full time sculptor of my art, i studied graphic design and i worked as an illustrator before.
I opened my store to share with people my Polymer Clay creations, I love sculpting, i try my best every time, I use the best quality materials I can find, spend hours thinking and playing with the clay until finally i get one design ready.

Every product is meticulous sculpted, decorated and sometimes painted and its part of a work process. I often look at each of my creations and wonder who is going to adopt them and what would they see in them. After all this time my old pieces are still finding owners, which makes me really happy. Nothing magical is meant to be disposed in this world 🙂

I find gratification every time somebody express satisfaction when they find an item on my store.

My product is not liked by everyone, but its liked by the right ones. Each of them already have an owner, they just haven’t found them yet.

What drew me to her site were the shoulder dragons.  Unfortunately, she is no longer taking orders for these dragons but you can still view them at her shop.  Gorgeous!

You can also order custom dragons like this one :

There are also custom cake toppers!

Amazing creations and I have not even started on the jewelry.  I think I will save that for another day.  In the meantime, please visit Makosla Creations on Etsy.  There are so many wonder dragons to meet.


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