Angel Wing Begonia

I can’t leave a cutting behind.  My sister in law moved her plants to their new house and threw some pieces that broke off away.  When I saw them in the trash, I couldn’t just leave them there.  They could be rooted.  I was sure of it.  It turns out that I was right.  I put the pieces in water and in about a week or so they had small roots.  I let these develop into something a bit more substantial then moved them to a pot with soil.

I have had these about six months and they are doing well.  I do not have much bright indirect light inside for plants, and they need to be sheltered from the wind.  I had them in the garden shed which has good light, but I can’t enjoy them.  I keep them in my potting area outside and try to protect them there.  Some of the leaves in these photos are a bit wind worn.

From Wikipedia:

The Angel Wing Begonia resides within the Cane Group of Begonias, along with the Dragon Wing type which generally lacks variation on its leaves. Both Angel and Dragon are named for the shape of their leaves. Angel Wings generally contain spots or a frosted pattern. The underside is often a deep red.

Angel Wing Begonia in pot with other rooted cuttings. The plant to the left is a Kalanchoe.  It was also rescued from the thrown away pieces.

Close up of flower cluster

Close up of leaves and flowers (the current background on my computer.)


Here is a link about growing Angel Wing Begonias at

Also a link about growing Kalanchoes at

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