Dragon Thursday

Good morning,

Egg cups have been a hot topic on Facebook this week.  Whether someone has ever used one or not is a common question.  Then the conversations  moved into the more whimsical side and discussions led to what type of egg cups were used.  I will admit that I have never used one.  Soft boiled eggs were not something we ate.  Over easy (my favorite with toast), scrambled, hard-boiled, in Quiche and fritattas are just a few ways I enjoy eggs.

My friend, Sally, who lives in Australia, sent several links to some cute dragon themed egg cups.  Thanks you! ❤

The first dragon egg cup can be found at the Welsh Superstore

The next one is no longer available , but was found on a site named Fishpond.co.nz

Last is a set of three wooden egg cups with the Welsh dragon on one side.  The other side you may have engraved to your specification.  These can be found at Cadwyn.

Let me know if you enjoy 3 minute or soft boiled eggs, and do you have a favorite egg cup memory to share?



4 thoughts on “Dragon Thursday

  1. I used to enjoy a boiled egg in an egg cup with salt, pepper and a bit of butter on it after kindergarten and before watching Dr Who in the the afternoons with my mother, when I was a very little girl.

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  2. I grew up with soft boiled eggs and soldiers (toast cut into strips so you can dip them into the egg yolk) as a staple of my childhood! Still love this for a weekend breakfast sometimes.

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