Dragon Thursday

Good morning!

This week my good friend Sally shared a dragon website with me.  It is called Rocky Mountain Dragons, LLC.  They make Shoulder packs, plushies, handmade dragons that you can bend and pose and T-shirts.  Click on the photos or blue links to go to the Rocky Mountain Dragons website. 

My favorite handmade dragon is this Dark Purple Tones Feather Fur Poseable Long Horn Eastern Dragon.

Rocky Mountain LLC Handmade dragon

They also have these cool Western Dragon Shoulder packs.

Rocky Mountain Dragon Shoulder pack Western with owner

This is the Asian Dragon shoulder pack.  I usually go for Western Dragons but, I think I might have to reconsider, this one is so cute!

Rocky Mountain Shoulder dragon Asian

Then there is the Cape Dragon, so cool!

Rocky Mountain Kickstarter_FB_image_share_1200x628_ks_cape_copy_copy_2048x2048

The artists has a wonderful video on the Shoulder pack pages that shows how they fit and mentions some recent modifications they have made to their dragons.  Be sure to take a look.

They also have a Con schedule where you can find them and see their products in person.

The link is here:  Rocky Mountain Dragons LLC Con schedule

The dragons are wonderful and the prices are good.  Order from the website or stop and visit them at one of the conventions.  🙂

Thank you Sally!

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