Captured Moments – Armadillos

I never know what I may find when leaving the house in the morning.  Last week, we were rushing out the door and my son pointed to an armadillo snuffling around the yard.  Our eldest cat was lying in the drive way watching it and the armadillo seemed oblivious. They have poor eyesight and apparently, it was too busy digging for food to hear us.   I rushed back in the house to grab my camera and was sternly reminded that we were going to be late. I snapped a few photos then dashed to the car.  This was what caught the armadillos attention and it scurried back into the woods.   These unusual creatures can be destructive to lawns, but we really don’t have to worry about that.  I am surprised it can even burrow in our rocky soil.

To find out more about this adorable armored mammal click this link:

Texas Parks and Wildlife Armadillo page

The article on the website is perfect.  I remembering being fascinated by these unusual creatures as a child and still delight in seeing them.

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