Reminiscing – snapshots from 1976

I was going through my olf photos today and stopped at a folder of snapshots that I had scanned a cople of years ago.  They were from a vacation I took with my grandparents in 1976 from Texas to Oregon.  It was a whirlwind trip with  fond memories. The snap shots had been placed in a cheap photo album and they were stuck to the pages. They had faded.  I did some mild adjustments to them when I posted about the album on Throw  back Thursday. Way Back.  I decided to try to do something with a couple in Topaz.

The first is a snapshot of one of the look outs at the Grand Canyon.  It was hazy and faded.


Edited using Topaz Studio.  Better.

Next is one of my favorites that was damaged the most from age and poor storage.  It was a bear on a bridge.  I recently found out that is was one of the bears on the Kalmath River Bridge in Kalmath, California. (Click the link to read about how the bears turned gold. Cute story)

Unedited: Sad bear.

Edited with Topaz studio – I went for more of an abstract effect.  In the other post, I left the snapshots, looking like old snapshots, just a little cleaned up.  Here I used a effect called Evening Shadow, removed the vignette and added a dual color tone called Golden Age. 

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