Captured Moments – SoCo the cat

Good morning

There is a mostly feral cat that lives at a house we have been working on.  The owners moved and left him and he has never quite trusted again.  He cannot be picked up and rarely touched.   He is wily and will not enter a container of any form no matter how hungry.  We make sure he has food and we think there are others in the neighborhood that do as well.   I was able to sit very still and he came close to me, even put a nose to the camera.  If I moved towards him at all, he ran away.  He was content to have me in his yard space, but no touching.  

He has been named SoCo for the area he lives in.   He is watching me from across the yard.

Approaching with caution

Hey, what is this thing?

Sharing space and a big yawn after eating. (Collage made with Ribbet)

2 thoughts on “Captured Moments – SoCo the cat

  1. Poor fella! It is nice that you and others are looking out for him. I hope he gets adopted. He needs to learn to trust again and hopefully the new master will love him to earn his trust again. With fall coming ths poor mite will get cold too. Really sad😟


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