Captured Moments – Styphnolobium affine – Texas Sophora

This plant grew along a privacy fence in a house we used to live in a few years ago.  When we moved it was a very spindly vine looking plant that had pink blooms in the spring.  We went by the house today and the little vine is actually a very tall shrub.  It have lovely black seed pods dangling throughout the branches.

I took some photos and decided it was time to identify what exactly this vine turned shrub is,  It turns out it is a shrub called Eve’s Necklace or Texas Sophora – Styphnolobium  affine

From plant database:

Eves necklace, a 15-30 ft., spineless shrub or tree, bears light-green, graceful leaflets and fragrant, pink, wisteria-like blooms. A tall shrub or small tree with thin, scaly, reddish brown bark on older wood and with smooth twigs. On limestone slopes, in valley bottoms, and on soils underlain with limestone in upland situations. Seeds reputed to be poisonous. Leaves divided into 6 to 8 pairs of leaflets and a terminal one on an axis up to 9 inches long, leaflets elliptic to oval, averaging an inch long, with a rounded, indented, or pointed tip, smooth margins, and a rounded or tapered base. Flowers fragrant, white tinged with rose, 1/2 inch long, arranged along axes up to 6 inches long, appearing in March and April. Fruit a long, rounded pod, constricted between the seeds, often with only 1 or a few seeds, the swollen part of the pod black, and the constrictions covered with gray hairs.

Sophora is from the Arabic name of a tree with pea-shaped flowers.

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