Captured Moments – Garden of the Gods – part 3

There are many trails and places to hike in the Garden of the Gods park.  We started at the Perkins Central Garden Trail.  From there we drove to the Siamese Twins trail.  (Click on the park info tab to get a map of the trails and formations, and more great information)

So we begin.

I love the texture of the tree roots.  There were many trees with exposed roots along the rocky trails.

This is a panoramic shot from the trail on our way to the Siamese Twins formation.

Coming up to the  Siamese Twin rock formation.

Window looking towards Pikes Peak.

Gorgeous views from the trails.

Balanced Rock

As you can tell, I loved this day trip to the Garden of the Gods.  There was so much more there to explore and I would love to come back.  I hope you have enjoyed visiting the park with me.  

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