Coffee Monday – Home Brewed Soaps by Melanie Landi

Good morning,

Waking up and drinking a cup of hot coffee is one of my favorite morning rituals.  Some mornings, I need a little more to get going.  In my search for coffee related items, I came across this coffee soap. 🙂

The coffee soap is made by Home Brewed Soaps in Rockland, Maine, USA.

This set has Coffee Scrub and Coffee Stout Beer soap.  Perfect for the coffee and beer lover alike.

If you aren’t sure you want to try a whole bar of soap, they sell a half bar of the coffee soap/scrub.


Here is a little about their shop from the Home Brewed Soap‘s Etsy store:

Rustic soaps inspired by Beer & Nature

I began making soap years ago for Christmas presents. The feedback I got from family and friends was amazing. I naturally turn everything that I do into a business so this was no exception. I love making soap. I love creating products that I can feel good about using and sharing with you.

The beer came into play after having extra Home Brewed Beer at my house. I thought to myself one day, ” I wonder if I can put beer in soap?” Sure enough it is a thing and it could be done! Adding beer to soap helps to add extra benefits and also adds to the rustic , beautiful charm and look to our soaps. Hops is the ingredient in beer that makes it beer. Hops is a flower that has a bitter taste and aroma and is also known to have anti bacterial properties as well as relaxing benefits. All of our soaps are made with our own home brewed beer or select craft brews primarily from Maine and New England.

We formulate our soaps with beer, all natural ingredients, 100% natural colorants , organic spices and 100% essential oils. We use a base of vegetable oils that are sustainable and safe for the planet. Keeping in line with our mission which is to provide you with natural, handmade beer soap and body care products that are made with real ingredients that are safe for you and the earth we have chosen to NOT use Palm Oil. With all of the conflict regarding the harvesting of palm oil and its impact on the deforestation of the Rain forest we feel good about our choice to not use Palm oil.

Our Natural products are biodegradable, cruelty free, packaged with recycled paper and plastic, and do not contain parabens, phthalates, sodium lauryl or laureth sulfate, or other harmful chemicals.

We take great pride in what we do and we are honored to share with you our safe & effective products that will moisturize & intoxicate your skin. We hope that you enjoy our body care products as much as we do!

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